Shooting for Wednesday!

"What to bring what to give away?"
“What to bring what to give away?”

I wish I could click my heels and magically find myself driving to our next destination. Unfortunately we still have tasks to complete before we can leave. After giving away half of our worldly possessions to Goodwill, we are now in the process of packing some items away into storage and moving other items into the RV. ┬áDespite the fact that I’ve been inhaling dust all week and sound like Brainy from Hey Arnold, I must say it feels refreshing to purge. We are also getting some upgrades installed into the RV- solar panels and what not to prepare us for boondocking. After we get everything loaded up we are going to Savannah on Sunday to say goodbye to our family and close friends (que sad violin). ┬áThen we will take a mini trip to Hannah Park in Jacksonville Beach to test out all the systems, including the “waste” system (ohh lawddd). If everything is functioning properly we will leave next week- shooting for Wednesday. Wish us luck!


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Hello, I’m Victoria. I was born and raised in Savannah, Ga. I am a traveling nurse that specializes in critical care. My husband Tim and I purchased a fifth wheel RV and live on it full time. In between jobs, we will adventure within and outside of the U.S. I hope you enjoy reading about our travels and hope our posts help people out with theirs.

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