The Excitement

Hello World!
Hello World!

Victoria and I are preparing to travel to Seattle within the next week or two as many of you are aware. Victoria quit her job and I have setup my business so I can take care of it on the road.

I have been on some pretty exciting trips in my life, many of them with Victoria, but this is stepping it up a notch. On many of our travels Victoria kept a written travelogue and I always told her she need to make it a blog. So, now I’m building one for both of us. Victoria will probably post more about the actual travels and her assignments while I’ll post about more technical things related to the truck, RV, fifth wheel and the blog itself. At the bottom of each post it’ll show who wrote it, as if you couldn’t tell, lol.

I haven’t built anything other than canned websites in probably ten or fifteen years so the site will probably come together slowly. I’ll be fleshing out the articles about us, the truck, and the camper over the next few weeks. Comment if you have any suggestions. I’m hoping between the two of us we’ll post at least twice a week. I’m sure it’ll vary wildly depending on what we’re doing and where we are at.

I am also planning on having pages dedicated to the planning of each section of our journey. Please comment away on what we should or shouldn’t see. These pages will be updated as our plans come together more and more.

We’re excited about the trip and excited about this blog. I hope you all enjoy.

Tim and Victoria in Thailand
Thailand by ferry

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Graduate of the accounting school at the University of Georgia and now a real estate investor and agent. I have loved to travel since I was a kid and have dreamed of traveling full-time since then.

9 thoughts on “The Excitement”

  1. Aww my heart smiled at the comments about Victoria! I’d love to hear yall break down the budgets for travelling. Victoria always talks about how when yall have gone to Mexico, etc yall have planned to the T on budget. I also like idea of hearing Toria’s view of how a trip/travel went, even yours, as I’m sure it would be funny banter and honesty, which I’d like to hear! Kind of like reading an adventure novel except
    I know the main characters.

    1. I can definitely do an article on budgets for those type of trips (Mexico, Thailand, Nicaragua) and also for the rving after we’ve traveled a few months.

      It’s mostly looking at Lonely Planet and getting a daily budget based on the type of places you plan to stay and eat, then you add in the flight and any activities. The key to doing it cheaply is to get the best value by not staying in expensive resorts and by eating like a local.

      I’m sure Victoria will have plenty to say about the trips as always, lol.

  2. I think y’all should make it a point to get kicked out of at least one bar at every stop along the way. That can be a side blog called like “hell on wheels” or something cool like that. -Jeff

    1. I’m going to get a side car(?) for the rv so you can come along and help. We can call it “double wide on wheels” or some such. Lol – Tim

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