Washington Wine Country

Our first trip on our way to Yellowstone was wine country in Washington. We stayed in Prosser at the Wine Country RV resort. We hoped to boondock but was having electrical issues with the batteries that had to be fixed. I got the idea to come here from talking with some co-workers in Seattle about wine country. The latitude here along the Yakima River makes the land super fertile for grapes as well as other produce. The RV park is right off I-82 but is walking distance to nine wineries annnddd here is a swimming pool! Perhaps our electrical issues were a blessing in disguise since it ended up being 100 degrees here!…The pool came in quite handy. The management was spectacular. Each morning there was coffee and fresh homemade pastries. The only thing I didn’t like was how you had to pay to utilize the showers.

The RV park hosts wine tastings on the weekends. However, I definitely recommend going to the wineries because they tend to pour more for you to taste ;). We really enjoyed Bill’s and Bacchus for the tastings. We went to Hinzerling’s but his wines are all really sweet. We also went to McKiney’s Springs which has spectacular wines (except for the Malbec and Syrah…they were like slap in the face heavy red). If you venture to McKiney’s Springs, make sure you hold your nose high. Indeed.

I really enjoyed wine country. There isn’t really anything else to do but drink wine and maybe go pick some berries or grapes. It would make for a really fun girl’s trip since there are soooo many wineries to choose from. Tim doesn’t care too much for wine but he was a good sport and suffered through each tasting for me. 🙂 In no time we will be in the woods and mountains so it was nice to enjoy some of the finer things in life for a while. Check out the pics below and our itinerary to Yellowstone!


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